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Wide application of square tube polishing machine
  • 2022-07-12 11:18:19
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The effect of the polishing cover and cover of the square tube polishing machine can prevent dirt and other debris from falling on the polishing fabric when the machine is not in use and affecting the application effect. It is widely used in textile equipment parts, mechanical parts, electronic components, and stainless steel parts. , medical equipment, mobile phone accessories, precision parts, electrical components, surface instruments, light industry, aerospace and military industry, car parts, bearings, tools, wall clocks, bicycle parts, motorcycle parts, metal stamping parts, tableware, hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts , Sewing machine accessories, handicrafts and other small and medium-sized precision workpieces deburring, chamfering, rounding, deburring, rust removal, descaling and removal of processing lines and other surface bright polishing, effectively improve the surface roughness.


The polishing machine is an electric tool. The polishing machine consists of basic elements such as a base, a throwing disc, a polishing fabric, a polishing cover and a cover. The motor is fixed on the base, and the taper sleeve for fixing the polishing disc is connected with the motor shaft through screws. The polishing fabric is fastened on the polishing disc through the ferrule, and after the motor is powered on through the switch on the base, the sample can be polished by hand by applying pressure on the tumbling polishing disc. The polishing liquid participating in the polishing process can flow into the square plate placed next to the polishing machine through the drain pipe in the plastic plate fixed on the base. The advantages of the polishing machine: It can realize the automatic removal of burrs, chamfering, polishing, cleaning and other precision polishing, and the service life of the advanced tool is fast, the operation is simple and safe, the production cost is greatly reduced, and a lot of time is saved. Remove oxide film, rust, oil stains, sintered black marks and other problems. Reliable and stable processing operation, the case surface is more perfect, and the electroplating effect is better. The product will not be deformed after processing, and will not affect the accuracy, so that the product is intact and the equipment is high-power, stable in function, clean and environmentally friendly, and pollution-free.

     Dead corners such as holes, tubes, and gaps can be polished, and the deburring is more comprehensive and precise. Wear, scratches are automatically corrected, no marks. A polishing machine is a grinding machine that grinds the surface of a workpiece with a grinder coated or embedded with abrasives. There are two dressing methods. The base plane electroplated diamond dressing wheel is used to dress the surface. Because the electroplated diamond dressing wheel does not wear at the root, it can obtain a higher flatness. It is possible to obtain better flatness after the trimming is arranged by trimming. The principle of this trimming is the same as that of the lathe. The grinding disc rotates, and a knife that can move back and forth is driven by the tool bar to cut the grinding to obtain a plane. The products that come out are adjusted to better ensure the quality. Polishing machine grinding can be used to process various metal and non-metal materials. The surface shapes processed include plane, inner and outer cylindrical and conical surfaces, spherical surfaces, threads, tooth surfaces and other profiles. , the surface roughness can be reached, which is attributed to precision machining. This series of polishing machines are mainly used for single-sided grinding and polishing of various materials such as LED sapphire substrates, optical glass wafers, quartz wafers, silicon wafers, chips, molds, light guide plates, and optical skewer joints. After the polishing machine grinds and polishes the stainless steel workpiece, the surface will appear very smooth. What is the principle? This is primarily because the top film removes small serrations on the surface of the workpiece that are raised on the workpiece. When the thickness of the passivation of the thin film on the workpiece and the small teeth are almost removed, the speed of grinding and polishing needs to be gradually slowed down. When the polishing machine is polishing, if the depressed part of the workpiece is not dissolved, then the surface of the workpiece that it reaches will be more smooth, but in fact, the depression is only higher than the convex part of the workpiece. The time of the fee should be short, and the speed should be fast.
During the polishing process, when the surface of the workpiece is flattened, the size of the workpiece will always be changed. Here, the proportion of the flattened workpiece and the thickness of the dissolved workpiece is indicated. The polishing power and the dissolution rate of the metal are mainly determined by the polishing conditions of the flat polishing machine, but this can be recognized in advance.

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