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Boring and milling machine
Double sided boring machine
Model/SpecificationsUnitsDTX 5008Spindle diametermm110Spindle taperMorse 6 (ISO 7:24 No50)Spindle sp···
CNC Gantry Boring and Milling Machine
The machine is widely suitable for general machinery, automobilem, aerospace, printing and packing, ···
Horizontal boring machine
Model/SpecificationsUnitsTPX6111BTPX6111B/2TPX6111B/3Spindle diametermm110Spindle taperMorse 6 (ISO ···
End face milling machine Single column milling machine
SpecificationUnitXD2010XD3010Table travelmm20003000Milling head vertical strokemm1000Table sizeLengt···
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