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The operation process of the square tube polishing machine
  • 2022-07-12 11:15:26
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There are rust spots on the casing of the square tube polishing machine. If it is not handled in time, the casing will become very ugly after a short period of time, and even there will be problems of paint peeling and rust on a large area. How to maintain the square tube polishing machine The shell will not rust, and even a small area of rust spots does not exist. It has always been our most concerned work. The most useful and very important work is to ensure the dryness of the square tube polishing machine workplace. There is no excessive moisture. And humid water vapor, if the ambient humidity is relatively large, it is best to install an exhaust device, or replace the workplace. Due to the moisture and oxygen in the air, it directly touches the metal elements on the square tube polishing machine, so oxidation occurs. The rust spots will appear after the reaction. If the rust cannot be maintained, the best way is to isolate and touch the air directly. You can use the protective film to protect after each operation touch, but it is not the most effective way. It should be the case of the whole machine All surfaces are fully coated with anti-corrosion grease.


When using the square tube polishing machine, the manufacturer of the square tube polishing machine should notify us according to the need to perform operations. First, check the power supply to ensure that the switch is intact and can only provide useful rights to prevent free confusion. The wires and switch sockets must be installed on the wall. Since the water can easily splash on the power supply when cleaning the equipment, it must be placed on the switch socket on the wall. Non-operators cannot enter privately. In the operation area, if an emergency is encountered during the operation, the power switch should be turned off immediately, and the corresponding problem should be handled in the correct way. After the problem is solved, the operator can only continue to work to ensure that the operation task can be successfully completed. Electric test The pressure pump manufacturer informed us that when using the square tube polishing machine, the operator should pay attention to some details in the operation process, but let it work better, connect the power supply, put down the handle, and press the safety column. , the engine switch. The line of work is generally a straight line. When working, you should pay attention to the surrounding people, especially children.

The square tube polishing machine is used on waxed and dry hard floors (marble, granite). Before using the grinding wheel, check whether the fasteners are loose. If there is a square tube polishing machine to correct and tighten, pay attention to whether the grinding wheel has cracks. Tap it with a mallet to make a clear sound before use, and finally perform no load. Operate after about 30 minutes of work.

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