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How to extend the service life of square tube polishing machine
  • 2022-07-12 11:20:19
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The square tube polishing machine is a more common waxing method because the technical difficulty is relatively low, and the general staff only need to teach it. This method is to install a horizontal moving guide rail above the fully active polishing wheel of the equipment, and install the fixed structure of solid wax on the guide rail, mainly by imitating the method of manual waxing, and the waxing distance can be set according to technical requirements. This method of waxing is relatively common in large-scale processing plants. The pressure barrel is used to knead the liquid through the air pump to spray the misted liquid from the spray gun nozzle, which has the advantages of dust-free, good adhesion, and durable grinding effect. The disadvantage is that the purchase of accessories such as pressure barrels, spray guns and air pumps is required to save costs. The polishing machine needs to pay attention to the appearance and maintenance of the equipment, and needs to be cleaned regularly, which can prevent the equipment from being damaged. It is necessary to check every detail of the equipment and also insist on a clear observation of the appearance. It cannot show any damage to the parts. The polishing machine Don't lose a single screw either.


     The entire equipment needs to be checked regularly, and the function and properties of each component need to be understood, such as the tightness of the belt, the degree of wear of the bearing, whether the lubricating oil is sufficient, etc., and needs to be sorted to a certain standard, first of all. It is to prevent the subsequent effects from being affected. The polishing machine is actually operated correctly when in use. Check whether the equipment is normal before going to and from get off work. Pay attention to maintenance and hygienic finishing every day. The polishing auxiliary material is fastened on the polishing head. After the motor power is started, the polishing head is adjusted to make the polishing auxiliary material fully contact with the object to be polished. The polishing liquid/polishing wax added in the polishing process can get a better finish. Wet polishing can be achieved by installing a water tank, a water circulation system, etc. on the workbench. The protective cover can prevent objects from falling off and flying out and hitting personnel during the polishing process. After installing the dust collector, it can effectively eliminate indoor dust. Polishing machine, water mill automatic wire drawing machine, active polishing machine, active wire drawing machine, plane water mill, circular tube mirror polishing machine, polishing machine manufacturer, Dongguan abrasive belt machine, Dongguan polishing machine, circular tube active polishing machine, triangle belt machine, Polishing machine, plane automatic polishing machine, stainless steel automatic wire drawing machine and other surface treatment machines are equipped with polishing machines to achieve surface polishing treatment suitable for small workpieces, and metal workpieces are fully automatically polished to surface gloss and deburr. This type of equipment is relatively simple to operate and has low technical requirements for operators, which can improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save production costs, improve product quality and reduce product quality differences. The primary accessory of a polishing machine is the polishing disc. The polishing disc is installed on the polishing machine, and works together with the abrasive or polishing agent to complete the grinding and polishing operation.

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