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Double sided boring machine
Model/SpecificationsUnitsDTX 5008Spindle diametermm110Spindle taperMorse 6 (ISO 7:24 No50)Spindle sp···
CNC Gantry Boring and Milling Machine
The machine is widely suitable for general machinery, automobilem, aerospace, printing and packing, ···
Horizontal boring machine
Model/SpecificationsUnitsTPX6111BTPX6111B/2TPX6111B/3Spindle diametermm110Spindle taperMorse 6 (ISO ···
CNC gear shaping machine YK-51 series
Technical ParameterMax. diameter of workpiece (external)1250mmMax. diameter of workpiece (internal)1···
CNC gear shaping machine
CNC gear shaper is an instrument that uses advanced CNC systems and servo motors to control circumfe···
End face milling machine Single column milling machine
SpecificationUnitXD2010XD3010Table travelmm20003000Milling head vertical strokemm1000Table sizeLengt···
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