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Boring and milling machine
CNC Gantry Boring and Milling Machine

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 The machine is widely suitable for general machinery, automobilem, aerospace, printing and packing, textile machinery, metallurgy, petrochemical, locomotive box line, mold and other large and medium-sized machinery parts processing and mould manufacturing, one-time can complete the rest of the five other than the mounting surface coarse, half finishing and finishing requirement, can finish milling, drilling, tapping, boring, reaming, and other process. 
    Adopt gantry frame fixed beam structure, machine bed and main parts use high-strength cast iron, ensure stability of the machine during long using term.
    X/Y-axis adopt super overloading linear rolling guideway, Z-axis adopts rectangular hardened and plastic hard guideway;high-precision, high-speed, strong cutting and high rigid.
    Spindle box is equipped with hydraulic automatic balancing system, balancing dynamically the self-weight of spindle box, guarantee processing accuracy and stability of the machine tool.
    For high-precision and high rigidity and large-torque spindle unit, main transmission adopts gear speed shifting, high and low speed automatic transmission by hydraulic station, suitable for low-speed heavy cutting. 

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X axismm150021003200320042004200
Y axismm150018001600200022002800
Z axismm60080080080011001100
Gantry spanmm150016001600200020002500
Distance from spindle nose to tablemm150-750150-950150-1250
Table Sizemm1200*15002000*12501200*30001600*30001600*40002200*4000
Table LoadKg30005000500080001000015000
T- Slot (Width x Number x Pitch)mm22*5*16022*5*25022.5*7*25022*7*20022*7*22022*9*220
Spindle Speedrpm3,000(6,000-opt.)
Spindle Taper-BT-50 / ISO-50 / CAT-50
Spindle motor powerKw11/1515/18.515/18.5/2218.5/2218.5/2218.5/22
Spindle motor torqueN.m72/989898/117/140117/140
Rapid Traverse(X/Y/Z)m/min10/10/76/10/7
Servo motor power(X/Y/Z)Kw5.1/3.6/4.75.2/3.6/4.75.5/4.7/5.17.5/4.7/5.57.5/4.7/5.57.5/5.5/5.5
Servo motor torque(X/Y/Z)N.m27/18/2328/18/2332/23/2736/23/2736/23/2736/27/27
Servo motor speed(X/Y/Z)rpm2000
Ball screw diameter(X/Y/Z)mm50/50/5063/50/5080/50/5080/63/50
Cutting feedratemm/min6000
Minimum step equivalentmm0.001


Standard AccessoriesOptional
2Direct-connected spindle speed is 3000rpmGear-type spindle speed is 6000rpm
3Both sides of screw chip removal deviceBelt-type spindle speed is 6000rpm
4Spindle with two-stage speed change boxDisc-type tool magazine
5Electric tank with air conditionChain-type tool magazine
6Air filtration purification deviceVertical and Horizontal tool magazine
7Spindle oil coolerCNC rotary table
8Cooling deviceGrating scale
9Hydraulic systemWater gun
10Air gunAccessory head grabbed automatically
11Machine protection shieldAttachment head loss prevention system
12Linghting systemFully-auto. 90 degree milling head
13Three color light alarmSemi-auto. 90 degree milling head
14Cutting blowManual 90 degree milling head
15Communication interfaceExtended milling head
16Handheld electronic hand wheelSide milling head
17Tools and tool boxFlat right-angle milling head
18Horizontal adjustment bolts and shimColumn heightening
19Technical documentsZ-axis travel is 1250mm/1500mm

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