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What are the requirements of the multi-station round tube polishing machine
  • 2022-07-12 11:16:57
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Multi-station circular tube polishing machine is a kind of automatic polishing machine. It is developed for the automation of metal polishing. It uses cloth wheel polishing. It is mainly used in various non-ferrous metals including bathroom products, instrument products, and automobile and motorcycle accessories. Product polishing. The characteristics of this new type of multi-station circular tube polishing machine are: the point of view fine polishing program is selected, and after programming, the fine polishing point of view is set, and the precision polishing force is strengthened for the messy parts of the workpiece.


The new multi-station circular tube polishing machine adopts two sets of operation procedures. The polishing machine can precisely polish one, two or four different workpieces together, and the equipment program can be switched automatically. The embedded precision polishing method is selected, which can increase the efficiency of the workpiece by carrying out the full cost of labor. Comply with CE specifications and environmental protection requirements. The new multi-station circular tube polishing machine still requires manual operation. The so-called automatic means that the polishing process is completed by machinery, but the operation of the new multi-station circular tube polishing machine still has some operations that need to be completed manually. This article will firstly introduce the main operation of the new multi-station round tube polishing machine: many products of the multi-function four-station square tube derusting machine can be polished by the same machine. First of all, on the replacement polishing wheel, different polishing wheels can be selected to form different polishing effects. For example, general metal surface deburring or preliminary polishing, polishing before electroplating, generally use a hemp wheel. However, if a higher requirement is required to achieve the effect of a mirror surface, a cloth wheel is required. It can also be equipped with an abrasive belt on the polishing machine for sanding according to requirements. Therefore, the polishing wheel needs to be easily replaced. In the old equipment, most of them were reinforced with screws. This method is time-consuming and labor-intensive in disassembly and equipment, and seriously affects the production power in production. At present, with the new nylon sleeve equipment, the polishing wheel is directly fixed on the nylon sleeve, and the replacement only needs to tighten the nylon sleeve, which is more convenient and fast. The pressure of the polishing wheel refers to the contact pressure between the polishing wheel and the polished workpiece, which is generally adjusted and controlled by the up and down stroke of the polishing wheel. There are generally three operation methods for the adjustment of this multi-functional four-station square tube rust removal wheel, which respectively improve its automatic operation. The first is to operate and adjust through the manual operation lever. When adjusting the position of the polishing wheel, manually rotate the lever to move the polishing wheel up and down. The second type is more convenient, no manual labor is required, and numerical control equipment is set up, and the multi-functional four-station square tube rust remover is generally equipped with a workbench through the button device. The pipe derusting machine comes with a fixture for polishing to meet the requirements of automation. In order to make the effect of mechanical polishing more advantageous, system planning such as active left and right shaking, active forward and backward are often adopted. Taking the standard multi-function four-station square tube derusting machine as an example, it needs to be set in the control system in advance. The shaking of automatic polishing can make the polishing effect more uniform and more stable than manual polishing.

The main control interface operation of the new single grinding head rust removal and polishing machine shows that the new multi-station circular tube polishing machine generally has an independent control system, which is composed of various complicated circuits and operating systems. But a simple button on the operation interface becomes the link to control the whole machine. There are mainly spindle switches, frequency conversion switches, shaking switches, travel switches, etc. on the controller. If it is more complex, it may be difficult to plan the adjustment of shaking amplitude and frequency, stroke distance and speed adjustment. In addition, there are safety devices such as emergency stop buttons to ensure safe production.

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