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Maintenance Instructions for Small Single Group Round Tube Polisher
  • 2022-07-12 11:14:01
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The single-group round tube polishing machine is composed of basic elements such as base, throwing disc, polishing fabric, polishing cover and cover. The motor is fixed on the base, and the taper sleeve for fixing the polishing disc is connected with the motor shaft through screws. The polishing fabric is fastened on the polishing disc through the ferrule, and after the motor is powered on through the switch on the base, the sample can be polished by hand by applying pressure on the tumbling polishing disc. The polishing liquid involved in the polishing process can flow into the square plate placed next to the polishing machine through the drain pipe in the plastic plate fixed on the base. The polishing cover and cover can prevent dirt and other debris from falling on the polishing fabric when the machine is not in use and affecting the application effect.


Maintenance Instructions for Single Group Round Tube Polishing Machine:
1. Appearance maintenance: The surface of the polishing machine, the motor, and the surface of the cooling equipment must be kept clean, and the polishing consumables powder should be cleaned regularly. Check and tighten the handles, feed handwheels, screws, nuts and other parts. Keep the machine in good condition.
2. Inspection of the whole polishing machine: Check the screws, belts, and tightness of each part of the polishing machine. The loose ones should be adjusted to the appropriate level. Check the degree of wear of each bearing, if it is damaged, it should be replaced, and whether the lubricating oil is sufficient. The guide rail should be cleaned, and there should be no polishing consumable powder on the guide rail.
3. Electrical appliances: regularly clean the motor and electrical box. The electrical devices are neatly fixed and reliable in action. Check and tighten the zero connection device.


Introduction to the composition and maintenance instructions of a single group of round tube polishing machines:
The polishing wheel of a single set of round tube polishing machine is turned on at high speed by the high-speed rolling mill to throw the surface of the accessories and improve the surface finish of the accessories, often polishing tubes, and shafts and standard polishing processes, aluminum tubes and copper tubes, workpieces, convenient to replace polishing wheels, Thousands of wheels, round tubes and wheels and cloth wheels can be used, a wide variety of polishing wheels can be used, and the corresponding polishing wheels can be replaced according to actual needs. Now, in the process of processing, it is necessary to increase the brightness of the production workpiece, or to increase the aesthetics of the product and there are many polishing processes, which are simply mechanical polishing. Round tube polishers range from a single set (that is, a set of grinding heads) to multiple polishers for your choice, flatness requirements or just for simple rust, you can use a single set of polishers for high quality finishes, depending on Set polishing machine to polish different materials to determine. Post-polishing can improve the brightness of the workpiece without affecting the original size, especially suitable for polishing workpieces with high brightness requirements.

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