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Gear and rack processing equipment
CNC gear shaping machine YK-51 series

YK 5150.jpgTechnical Parameter  

Max. diameter of workpiece (external)1250mm
Max. diameter of workpiece (internal)1600mm
Max. module of workpiece14mm
Distance between cutter spindle axis and axis ofwork spindle0-1200mm
Distance between bearing surface of cutter andworktable surface0mm~1200mm
Max. stroke length of cutter340mm
Number of cutter strokes per minute (steppless)25-150/min
Cutter relieving amount≥0.65
Rotary feed per stroke of cutter0.1-1.5mm/stroke
Radial feed per stroke of cutter0.01-0.5mm/stroke
Diameter of two cutter adapters∅88.90-0.005mm∅101.60-0.005mm
Diameter of worktable1250mm
Diameter of worktable hole∅130 H7
Number of T-slot8
Size of T-slot22H11
Max. table loading3000kg
Main motor power15Kw
Machine weight15500Kg

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